Interview with Sharron Frazier Mcclain

How are you involved in the community?
I do Community Engagement for Barrington Stage Company, I serve on the Executive Board for
the Christian Center, I’m an Evangelist at Price Memorial AME Zion Church, I assist Berkshire
Taconic Community Foundation with Grant review to ensure equity in the decision making
process, I collaborate with several service organizations to help use the Arts as a tool for
Community Building.

Why did you decide to get involved in the Blackshires Initiative?
The Blackshires is a great opportunity for me to help the Black Community establish black
culture in the Berkshires to where we as minorities can have ownership in our community and
pride in where we live. I also want to utilize my skills of connecting people and organizations to
assist community members with entry points into multiple sectors. I take pride in being a part of
creating our own narrative as members of the black community versus figuring out where we fit
in. My focus is dismantling systemic racism in Berkshire county in the school system and in the
Arts and Culture industry.

What are your areas of focus for the Blackshires?

Community Engagement, Outreach, and creating entry points for BIPOC artists into the arts via
developing a Black Arts Council as a hub of black artists for networking purposes. Also equity i
education is a top priority for myself.

Why are you an expert in the field?
I believe that lived experience plays an important role in inbedding equity into places where it is
lacking. I’m successful in engaging the black community because I am a member with vested
interest. I want to see my people successful, self sufficient, and thriving.

What do you do for the Blackshires?
As a Co-Champion I bring many skills and talents to the table. My strong communication skills
make it effortless to connect people with eachother and service organizations. My problem
solving skills allow me to assess a situation and quickly problem solve effective ways to gain

What’s your favorite thing about the Berkshires?
Besides the beautiful scenery, I believe the Berkshires is ready for the shift that The Blackshires
is creating. It’s all about timing when it comes to change and it’s long overdue in the Berkshires.

What’s your favorite place to eat?
Otto’s Kitchen is my favorite place to eat anything from Breakfast -Lunch.

What are you excited about right now?
I’m excited for The Blackshires to take Berkshire County by storm. I’m very excited for people to
see the fruits of our labor and what all of our hard work has created.