What is the Blackshires?

The Blackshires is a community-owned, curated platform being developed

for the empowerment of the Berkshire black community. 

How it WOrks
Curate experiences, communities, and resources aligned to your goals and values

Explore education, stories, events, networks, & resources supporting community-focused, inclusive innovation.

Share stories with people who consciously invest in their community


Integrate your stories with purpose-driven multichannel campaigns, and get your story in front of a passionate audience who shares your beliefs and values.

Immerse yourself in self-directed education to accelerate your growth

Stay up to date with the latest research-backed ideas, systems and strategies though online and offline education.

Join us at unique events that bring communities together

Connect through unique experiences combining networking with social events. Done right, events can be a powerful catalyst for connections between communities.

Access all the custom-tailored systems, tools and resources you need

Get the most out of our community and it’s ecosystems with leading edge systems and tools.

Want to get involved?