Ari Zorn and Dubois Thomas

We are proud to announce our board members team leading the newly nonprofit Blackshires Community Empowerment Foundation.

Dubois Thomas and Vice President Ari Zorn: They are leading the charge along with other CoFounders and contributors as the first Community Foundation for empowerment for the Black community in Berkshires County:

Dubois Thomas, community organizer, community cooperative expert currently lives in Great Barrington and serves as Director of Neighborhood Revitalization for Berkshire Habitat for Humanity. Dubois Thomas brings his expertise in community-based development and empowerment and leads the Community Leadership Academy. 

Why did you decide to get involved in the Blackshires Initiative?

I felt a need for increased awareness of and connectedness within the Berkshire Black community. 

Ari Zorn  Is a health wellness coach, serial entrepreneur, and conservationist; if you live in Berkshire county you are familiar with his work at Smiley’s Pond. Ari Zorn’s new venture Devine is the first Cannabis Retail store CBD products focused on health and wellness. Ari Zorn is only the second Black cannabis retailer in Massachusetts and the first in Berkshire County.

The Blackshires Community Empowerment Foundation is a nonprofit foundation for Black Community Empowerment and development here in the Berkshires.

Why did you decide to get involved in the Blackshires Initiative?

Change!!! My personal life story and journey have brought me here to this moment. To be one of the founders of the new platform for social and economic  justice

The Blackshires Community Empowerment Foundation aims to foster a healthy and thriving ecosystem for the Berkshire Black community through social, community, and economic empowerment.

Check out and stay tuned for more information.