Empowering Change:
The Success Impact Initiative

Our series of ID3A Jams, speaker events, workshops, and roundtables are designed to develop a comprehensive platform for the ongoing development and health of the Berkshire BIPOC community. The culmination of this initiative is a strategic framework or blueprint for community collaboration, detailing actionable recommendations for sustained growth.

A Collaboration Rooted in Community Empowerment:

The Success Impact Initiative represents a pioneering collaboration between Team R3SET and the Blackshires Community Empowerment Foundation. This partnership symbolizes a unified commitment to leveraging community insights and expertise to drive meaningful change. Born from a shared vision of empowerment and equity, our collaborative efforts aim to harness the power of collective action to address the critical needs of the Berkshire BIPOC community.

Scope and Success Impact Initiative:
We aim to host a series of sector-specific discussions and learning sessions for BIPOC community members and leaders. Our diverse activities include Idea Jams, speaker series, workshops, roundtables, and digital resources, all designed to forge a comprehensive development platform for the Berkshire BIPOC community. The initiative will culminate in a strategic framework or blueprint for community collaboration, packed with actionable recommendations for continued development.

Are You Ready to Transform the Future of Equity in the Berkshires?

We cover a comprehensive range of sectors, including:

  • Health/Mental Health: Tackling health disparities and promoting well-being.
  • Education & Leadership Development: Enhancing educational opportunities and cultivating leadership.
  • Housing: Addressing affordable housing challenges.
  • Economy: Fostering economic development and financial empowerment.
  • Transportation: Improving access and mobility within the community.
    Technology, Innovation & Digital
  • Equity: Bridging the digital divide and promoting innovation.
  • Arts, Culture, and Black Tourism: Celebrating cultural heritage and promoting tourism.

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Are You Ready to Transform the Future of Equity in the Berkshires?

Our Story:

In early 2020, leaders within Berkshire’s black community and representatives from both R3SET and the Blackshires convened to pinpoint and address priority issues. This seminal gathering marked the beginning of a journey towards sustained community development and engagement. Bolstered by the success of a leadership accelerator program and subsequent Idea Jams, our collaboration has been a beacon of innovation, leadership, and actionable solutions.

Who is this for?

Ideal Participants


Our mission is to convene community leaders for sector-specific Idea Jams, creating actionable solutions for the Berkshire BIPOC community’s pressing concerns. Through collaboration with community residents, practitioners, and experts, we aim to develop solutions that are both resonant with community values and grounded in evidence-based strategies.

Join The Blackshires Movement:
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Benefit Levels

Your sponsorship enables key activities such as sector-specific Idea Jams, workshops, and the creation of a strategic action framework, besides aiding the launch of a CDC focused on sustainable, community-driven solutions.

Sponsoring the Success Impact Initiative offers a unique opportunity to contribute to transformative community development across these vital sectors. Our sponsorship tiers provide a range of benefits and involvement opportunities:

Platinum Sponsor: Lead the narrative, gain exclusive access to insights, and prominent event recognition.

Gold Sponsor: Support financially, benefit from extensive branding, and enjoy exclusive networking opportunities.

Silver Sponsor: Be at the forefront of implementation, with acknowledgments and co-hosting opportunities.

Bronze Sponsor: Engage directly with the community, lead sector-specific activities, and gain deep insights.

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Who's who?

Project Champions

André Lynch

M.Ed, Owner/Executive of AMPLE Consulting, LLC, will be the driving force behind these efforts, utilizing his vast expertise in DEIB practices and strong background in organizational executive leadership. With an unwavering commitment to empowering DEIB professionals and creating inclusive environments, André will position AMPLE Consulting, LLC as a prominent advocate for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, leading the way in advancing these principles across industries and communities. Through his leadership, strategic guidance, and impactful partnerships, Mr. Lynch will ensure that DEIB practitioners have the necessary support and resources to effect meaningful change across their industries.

Michael Obasohan

M.Ed, Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) for the City of Pittsfield, will co-champion this effort. His expansive knowledge of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice stems from his career in Higher Education and government agencies. His purpose is to provide space for opportunities and possibilities for research, dialogue, and collaboration for those who are committed to true social and institutional change. As the CDO, his expertise is utilized in many sectors, such as policy reform, community organizing, health, and digital equity at a local and state level. Michael has successfully designed and implemented result-oriented DEIB processes, professional developments, proposals, and dialogues for senior leaders, staff, and community stakeholders that encourage self-reflection, learning, awareness, and understanding, all while building community across differences. His hope is to inspire organizational growth and change as well as equitable outcomes for diverse communities.

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Program Experience

Those seeking equity support will have a trusted organization to turn to for best practices, training, and sustainable strategies. When successful, we expect increased awareness and understanding of DEIB principles, as well as an increased strategic regional alignment, leading to tangible actions in organizations. We further expect increased networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and skill development amongst dedicated cohorts of DEIB professionals, leading to enhanced implementation of equitable initiatives and practices across various sectors throughout the Berkshire region, and beyond. By leveraging the already established platforms of and the Blackshires Leadership Accelerator, the BEA will be able to immediately provide networking and capacity development opportunities and plug into the rapidly growing Blackshires network.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The program will begin March 2nd, 2023, and will kick off with a day and a half retreat at Kripalu.

The program will run for 10-15 weeks, ending in May with a community convening and idea jam to reflect on the experience and create a strategic plan for the future.

We are accepting 10-15 participants into the program.

You can apply online at our website

No, the program is completely free for selected participants! Plus, we will even provide a $2,500 stipend, as well as all meals and transportation.

The program will include various activities such as retreats, biweekly Zoom training and workshops, site visits to events, and more. We also encourage you to bring any current projects or project ideas to the program, as we will have facilitators with technical expertise to assist you.

No specific qualifications or experience are required, but the program is designed for individuals who want to make a difference in their communities.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow as a leader and make a real impact! Apply now at If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Who We Are

We’re a community-focused organization led by people of color, here to empower and enrich the Black community in the Berkshires and surrounding areas. By creating the Blackshires Community Empowerment Foundation, our goal is to help build a strong and healthy economic ecosystem while also providing community empowerment opportunities for current and future leaders and organizations. We understand the struggles and frustrations that many in our community face, and our cooperative framework is designed to help develop the skills and capacities needed to create a vibrant and resilient network of support. So come join us and let’s work together to create a brighter future for our community!


MON-FRI 10:00am - 5:00pm